VIP Tsukiji Insider Tuna Auction

The brief tutorial / of our VIP Tsukiji Insider Tuna Auction
Meet Up @3:00 am / At your hotel lobby.
Tuna Monger Speech 3:45 am ~ 4:15 / The insider's talk by tuna monger.
Fresh Tuna Venue / Possible depending on time and day.
The Market Stroll / Wholesale sec. can be available depending on time and day.
Tuna Auction 5:35 am ~ 6:15 / The complete tuna auction instruction
Tasting 6:30 ~ 7:00 / Supreme tuna tasting from the auction.

VIP Tsukiji Insider Tuna Auction

Meeting Up

Around 3:00 am
At your hotel lobby
Our guide will pick you up at the lobby of your hotel.

Insider’s Talk About Tuna & Market Affairs

Around 3:45 – 4:15
We arrange an English speaking tuna insider from the market to offer the detailed & enthusiastic talk about tuna & Tsukiji market affairs. You will get the deep understanding of tuna and the market.

Brief Stroll of the Market

4:20 – 5:20
We will lead you to the market site while the other people have to physically be inside the waiting room. The area we go into depends on the day’s situation and could include the wholesale section.

Tuna Auctoin & Tuna Tasting

5:30 – 7:00
We will observe the tuna auction and explain how does it work and they deal it. After the auction, we will lead you to our kitchen and serve the supreme tuna sashimi we outbid in the auction as a tasting style.

VIP Tsukiji Insider Tuna Auction

Place  : Tsukiji Fish Market
Price  : $399.99 / person
Time  : About 4 hours (Around 3:00 am ~ 7:00 am)
Contents : Guarantee of participation for the Tuna Auction*1, Tuna Monger’s Insider Talk or Stroll in Fresh Tuna Auction Venue, Tuna Auction instruction, The inner market Stroll, Supreme Tuna Tasting


* If you would like to have a private tour, please inform us about it by email. Price for a private arrangement differs by the number of people in a group.

* Instead of the tuna monger talk, we might be able to arrange a special entrance to the fresh auction venue which is not allowed to non-insider people, depending on the season & time. This is basically you will have a chance to see the way the tuna masters in the market choose tuna for you. Please kindly inquire about this option.

This guarantee is valid only when participants come to our meeting up place in time. Also, please kindly have a look at the notice above. We update the notice if there is anything for our participants to be aware of.