Tuna Auction & Tsukiji InsiderTour

The short tutorial / of our Tuna Auction & Tsukiji InsiderTour.
Meet Up @2:30 am / Tsukiji Osakana Center.
Waiting 2:30 am ~ 5:45 / Tuna monger speech is available.
Tuna Auction 5:45 ~6:15 / Full explanation & information for the auction
Tuna Auction 5:45 ~6:15 / Full explanation & information for the auction
InsiderTour 6:15 ~7:30
The guided tour of the market.
InsiderTour 6:15 ~7:30
The guided tour of the market.
Breakfast escort 7:30 ~ / The breakfast money is not included.

The Tuna Auction & Tsukiji InsiderTour Itinerary

Meeting Up

Around 2:30am
At the gate of Fish information center. (Osakana Center)
The meeting up time might get changed depending on the day. We will inform about the latest update in a few days before the tour.

Waiting for the auction

Around 2:30 – 5:40
During about 2 hours of waiting, our guide will introduce about Tsukiji Fish Market and the insider information about the tuna auction and the market. You can enjoy the waiting time without any trouble or hassle.

Tuna Auction Viewing

5:50 – 6:15
You are the only ones with the accurate translation and the interpretation of the auction among 120 people in the auction watching!

InsiderTour and Breakfast

6:30 – 7:30
After the auction, we can lead you into the market with our strong connection. (The wholesale section can be included as an option from the calendar below)

Tuna Auction & Tsukiji InsiderTour

Tuna auction & Tsukiji InsiderTour

Place  : Tsukiji Fish Market
Price  : $129.99 / person
Time  : About 5 hours (Around 2:30am ~ 7:30)
Contents : Guarantee of participation for the Tuna Auction*1, Tuna Auction instruction, Tsukiji Fish Market Tour, Guide to restaurant for breakfast


*The pricing of private tour is available from this page.
Please kindly contact us to see the availability of a private tour.

*The area in the market included in this tour may differ depending on the situation of the market. Without purchasing the entrance option to the wholesale section, the wholesale section can not be included.

This guarantee is valid only when participants come to our meeting up place in time.